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Dec 29, 2012 4:30am PST
, the island you see was orego island, that was the island where people was there making a barbecue. when tsunami get in there, not even the grass was safe, everything was removed, and the island in front was completely flood. there is the island down there. it was flooding absolutely. this is a fishing market. that was before the navy came in there and after the navy came in there. a lot of fishing was close to 1,000 fishing boat was grounded and it was part of our job to put them in the water again. so heavy lift cranes are absolutely mandatory to have a safe place to move them and to start working. and because as i mentioned to you before, the ships cannot be, get into the port directly, so we make, we pier side two ships floating and all transfer of the cargo was through (inaudible) as you can see we deliver that assistance to different coastal communities. we use the marines to do that so no problem. as you see in the photograph below, you can see that the only way to get it in there was with rubber boats, not any more with the lft's that you used to or we used to get into. so
Dec 29, 2012 12:35am EST
waistline. >> jimmy: now, that -- last time you were here, you taught us how to barbecue some hot dogs. >> on a rake. >> jimmy: on a rake, yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: now, you're going to show us something new tonight. >> yes, it's brand new. i don't want to keep details. i'm going to see it at the display table, and i'm going to go step by step and show you what we're going to do for the holidays. >> jimmy: okay, i'll see you at the display table. more with amy sedaris when we get back here, you guys. come on, she's the greatest. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ these new phones they got us are great. yeah, its the galaxy note ii. you can do two things at the same time. you can watch videos and text. or you could watch the earnings report and take notes, like we're supposed to. so... can i get it? yeah. okay either of you put together the earnings report yet? yes, me totally. what? why don't you tackle the next quarter. you eat yet? polynesian? pu pu platter? yup! keep up the good work. i will keep up the good work. do more with the new samsung galaxy note ii. mcdonald's tender, juicy chicken
Dec 29, 2012 8:00am EST
one-hour table right here. perfect for exterior barbecues things like that. then we're going to get into what else? suzy: spraying the garage doors. i'll get set up for that. you get to work on this. phillips: okay. off to the shop. okay, let's build a one-hour table together that will last forever. now, this material right here is 3/4-inch-thick stock, and it's a type of board that's used in the marine industry. it doesn't rot. it stays flat. and it's perfect for food use because it stays nice and clean. okay, so, now, look at this. corner to corner just drew lines with a permanent marker with a straightedge. and right in the middle of that, i'm going to put a screw -- sink it in about, oh half an inch, just like that. nice, big washer head right there. and over here at the band saw -- primarily a band-saw project with pocket jig. you can see i have a pivot set up. now, that pivot right there is curved for the screw to go in, and it's very important that the center of that pivot is right behind the gullet -- okay, now, that's the valley between the teeth -- to get a perfect cut. no
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)